USAA delivers above and beyond!

My father passed USAA down to me with my own account number as a teen ager. As an AF pilot, he was very thoughtful and careful in his choices. I didn't know any difference between insurance companies! My father and our neighbor were killed in a motor vehicle accident due to equipment failure. The other vehicle was speeding and pushed my father's vehicle into a ravine instantly killing both. Because my father's vehicle crossed the center line, though there was nothing he could control about it, (tie rod snapped, no steering control), he was at fault. My father and step-mother owned a small farm in SE Okla. One weekend when my step-mother was away, I went to spend the weekend at the farm and found the family of the other vehicle on our property, assessing it's value (they suffered minor injuries between the three of them). They offered to return when my step mother was home, but she had more than enough to deal with. While I sympathized for them and the accident was my father's fault, I was outraged at their behavior. I called USAA and told them the other family was trying to determine what they might receive from a lawsuit. The representative from USAA said not to worry, they would take care of everything and we had to do nothing else. I don't know what they said/did, but we never heard from the family again, not even attorneys. I was away from USAA for a few years but reactivated my membership and have been nothing but pleased. They are easy to deal with - I've moved over my checking, savings, retirement and will see if I can transfer my car loans over. Now my daughter has her own account number, so we are third generation! After the banking crisis of 2009, I feel even safer with USAA knowing the management team has the same careful, thoughtful and thorough approach my pilot father used!
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