Just got off the phone earlier with USAA  about a $5000 check they are holding funds for that will be released after 7 days. There is no reason a check should be held that long which was written from an account that has millions.  This is a total scam because if the money is taken out and then not put in any account, then where F is it?  Just floating around out there?  I would expect this from a Mexican bank where they constantly hold funds just to move it to through corrupted offshore accounts skimming through the process, making some group somewhere some serious cash. 
Yes USAA you have dissappointed me the past few years.  You have dissapointed many. Do you know that?  Gone are the good old days of good service and helping customers by going the extra mile. Ive seen this decline over the years from the outside and from the inside becase I once worked there and saw the disillusionment slowly creep in. 


The same thing happened to me, rdiculous!
I don't know if this is true of USAA but some banks actually earn interest on "unassigned" funds. In one case they claim your $5000 as "theirs" since they are "holding it" until cleared and assigned to you. Many banks do this (3 to 7 days). Standard banking practice? I don't know.