I tried to submit a new story about the rates USAA charges, it was blocked.  So USAA now only accepts good stories, not mad ones.  


For some reason I'm not getting my monthly statements and I can't contact anyone to find out why. USAA claims to have this great service. I'd like to whre it's at. I haven't found it yet. So, to fix the problem I'm cancelling my Mastercard.

You can't get someone on the phone from USAA? That's odd... I call all the time about many things and I may talk to different departments, etc. But never have I not reached someone. I would suppose your statements are set to come electronic. You can call and tell them to send in the mail!
As for FL member. I doubt they block negative comments. I have read several others right here. I imagine they'd pull complaints that have poor language, etc.