USAA been great - but real problems with their referral to Hartford -

No resolution of issues with Hartford or USAA regarding workman's compensation billing problems - had to

elevate to Compliance officers at Hartford - Here is the letter - waiting on response   


Dear Hartford,
My name is Gary and I have been overcharged for Workman’s Compensation that I purchased between
05/2011 and and 11/2013 for my small business. I have exhausted all other resources to try to resolve this matter including working with The Hartford and USAA. Please help me resolve this issue as described below by refunding the amount owed my small business.
I purchased workman’s compensation benefits for my employees 05/11/2011. I am a sole proprietor and chose
not to insure myself due to cost constraints. I explained to the representative that I have health coverage
for myself and did not want to be covered.
I spoke to The Hartford October of 2013 to see if there was any way to reduce my cost of workman’s compensation.
I chose to cancel my policy shortly after the cost reduction request since I could not afford it any more. At that time
I was told that I was also being insured for $50,000 a year. I explained that I never wanted insurance for myself.
The Hartford told me that I had to fill out an exclusion form if I did not want to insure myself. I explained
that I opted out at the beginning of the policy and I was never provided an exclusion form.
The payroll summary that I submitted to The Hartford was $44,000 in 2011, $33,000 in 2012, and $25,000 in 2013.
As you can see my business has seen a steady decline in payroll and I had hoped to see lower workman’s
compensation rates. It did not go down that much since The Hartford added another $50,000 of billable payroll
to my annual premium.
I expected to be billed for for the payroll data that I provided on every audit and nothing more. If I wanted myself included in workman’s compensation I would have included that payroll in every audit. I would have gladly
put my payroll on the audit to insure I was covered.
I am not sure why this $50,000 was added on every year to insure myself. I know that I requested to not be covered
at the beginning of the policy. Perhaps it was worded differently by the representative in terms that I didn’t understand
and unknowingly accepted?
Please review this issue and refund what I feel I have unjustly been overcharged for. I truly believe that it is
the right thing to do. I never intended to mislead anyone, however I feel I was mislead by being charged more
than the payroll amount I submitted on every audit.