During the late 90's I divorced and started life over with few assets. I moved near my mother who was alive at the time and now I am alone with a few far removed relatives. I have not had the privilege of enjoying the advise/input of caring relatives helping me to analyze the issues of each fiancial decision. With USAA's ongoing support and understanding, and the USAA website, I have since bought/sold a residence, insured my car, took out Long Term Care Ins. + Health Insurance and secured my inherited assets with an Annuity ( a highly competitive rate). My charge card sports a moderate interest rate (+ rewards) and the USAA website is invaluable for bill pay and banking use. Deposite@home is so convenient! I can read about the latest fiancial news /trends and consider the best investments for my future needs without sales pressure. In nearly 19 years I have never had a unpleasant experience nor a dissapointment with the company. The excellence in product and service still awes me. As a woman handling life alone, I feel that I have a strong, loyal, financial mentor at my back in USAA.


I do feel the same way as a woman handling finance and life on my own. I bought a home and a car with each buying program. The customer service is great. I talked alot about USAA with friends as well. We are on the right track!! tks