Joined USAA a few months ago, but until very recently never actually opened an account with you. Had forgotten about your exisistance, after my father (WWII veteran attached to the US NAVY, recieved 3 bronze stars and a silver star) Dad had mentioned USAA to me after learning of my "Uncle Bill" did most of his banking with you for years. Although my Dad was never able to talk my Mom into opening an account. I joined as the child of a US veteran.

Imagine my surprise when on a whim I obtained a car insurance quote and learned that the monthly payment is much less than we are currently paying with another well known company. We just purchased a new to us, car last week, and to get out of the dealers lot we used the on-site agent. I will be offically switching very shortly.

In less than a week, we have told at least a dozen people about you, and your wonderful products. One son-in-law already uses you, as his father is a US Vietnam Veteran, and the other son in law is considering switching to you as his father is also a US veteran, and is paying insane priemums as both he and our daughter had not had car insurance in there names for awhile as they both drove cars belonging to other family members!

We hope to bring many new customers, and to have many more claim free years, this time with you all....



Saving money is never a bad thing, right? Thanks for making the switch and joining the USAA family. We're thrilled to have you aboard and are here for you if you have any questions about your membership.