I joined USAA in 1969 after returning from my tour of duty in Vietnam as an Army Nurse. I was surprised at how much less expensive my auto insurance was but the coverage was better. When I acquired a few household articles, I obtained the renters insurance and I guess you could say I have been hooked ever since. Over the past 40+ years I have not used the insurance very much but one occaision stands out--coming home from work late one night I was broadsided in an intersection by someone with no license to drive, no insurance, and drinking to top it off. He fled the scene leaving me trapped in my car. A passerby called authorities and I was removed from the car. For all of that, there were 11 fractures in my foot--not a good thing for a nurse. Fortunately for me, I had PIP coverage as well as uninsured motorists and USAA took care of me until I could go back to work. That made getting well so much easier, with no worries.
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