USAA always there for its members

I was passed the legacy by my parents. I have been with USAA for 34 years (except for 2-3yrs when I didn't have a car when I was young). They have always been there to help with any life changes that come along. My children have been through some lessons of their own where driving is concerned. Let's just say these lessons have been learned the hard way. Then this last Jan. MOM (me) had a lesson of her own. I was devastated! First incident ever in all my years of driving! I and the other driver knew it wasn't my fault, but our state laws don't read that way...ok, I understand that also. One-half second can change everything you think you know. Well, anyway, the people at USAA didn't judge me, but treated me with the professionalism I've come to truly admire in the years that I've been with them. They understand that things in life just sometimes "happen" when we're not expecting it and have been there to help all the way. I will always put my trust in USAA to help whenever we need it.
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