Every company will mess up sometimes, it's the nature of having thousands of employees in dozens of systems working on all kinds of things for their customers- mistakes happen.


Two of my cards were compromised, and while I got the one for my secondary account in a week and there were no issues, my primary card- the one to the account that I do the grocery shopping and filling up my car with gas on- was nowhere to be seen.


I called in, an excelent customer service agent went over all the cards I had in my purse (I'd never gotten rid of any of my old cards, so finding out which ones I needed to cut up was really helpful), told me how my cards were comprimised and what I can do to avoid it, and since my card hadn't shown up. Well the new card showed up in 2 days- and I called after 5:00 pm for the new card!


The whole conversation took less time than getting this written up. I got my card today, activated it, and everything is good.


I love USAA!


We love you too! So sorry for the hiccup with your cards.