Over the last 30+ years, we've been convinced over and over that no other insurance company can hold a candle to USAA. Whether we need policy service, claims handling or just have a question, USAA sets the standard. Writing from my perspective as an insurance underwriter, I don't think it's hyperbole to state that USAA's people are the best in the industry. The low policy premiums are an added bonus! We're an online family, always looking to do things easier, faster and for less money. For many years, this meant a mash-up of 3rd-party apps like Quicken and CheckFree along with a major national bank. Last year, after they raised our credit interest rate because we pay our card off every month (seriously?) while cutting our rewards, we got fed up with our bank's poor service and high fees and made the switch, just as USAA was rolling out an iPhone app and major enhancements to it's online banking service. Even more recent upgrades have made Web BillPay just about perfect. My favorite thing? I have all the data I need on one page, no more tabbing to view accounts, payment history, etc... The interface couldn't be simpler or cleaner. We used to need a bank with a local office to deposit checks, handle wire transfers and more. No longer! That thread was severed when USAA released it's iPhone app with Deposit@Mobile, the coolest feature ever. It works flawlessly, every time. USAA keeps getting better and continues to respond to member requests for software features. Alerts and notifications? Check. Bill reminders? Check. User-defined categories? Coming very soon; bye-bye, Quicken. When we ask for it, USAA delivers. They even gave us a Foxfire bookmark bar icon! With their combination of low premiums, low rates/fees and superior customer service, I honestly cannot imagine ever letting anyone else handle my banking and insurance; USAA is just that good. Thank you, USAA.