This morning, after a rare early spring snowstorm in the Pacific Northwest I was enroute to nearby town with my 11 year old daughter, who was to compete in a regional speech meet. Enroute I found that my battery had failed and we were stranded. I was unable to reach my husband at work so I called your company for assistance. We have had very few claims over the years and I wasn't even sure if I had towing insurance but your excellent staff took care of me right away. Within minutes I had a text message informing me of the ETA for a local towing company and was called back by the local Ford dealership who was expecting my arrival - all of this while my 11 year old was in tears over missing her big speech competition. I was able to get in touch by cell phone with a staff member from her school who picked her up in the parking lot and transported her to the speech meet while I took care of getting the car repaired. Thanks to USAA and the help from the towing company and the Ford dealership, I made it to the speech meet in time to see my daughter be awarded a blue ribbon, and am safely home now with a new battery and a well-functioning car. This is why we choose USAA over other insurance companies - when I needed help you backed me up 100% (which is more than I can say for the 5 guys in Starbucks who refused to give me a jumpstart!) Thank you again for saving my day - and my daughter's big day!


I'm so glad she made it to her competition and did well! You must be one proud mom right about now. It's wonderful to hear that we were able to help you when you needed us the most. Thanks for sharing your story.