In 1996 I was getting divorced and was told by my husband that I needed to find car insurance of my own and to call USAA to have my car taken off his policy. The agent asked me why I was canceling my insurance and I told her that my husband said I could not keep USAA since we were getting a divorced. The agent told me otherwise and not only did I keep my car insurance, I got renters insurance, a credit card, checking and savings account and a IRA with USAA. Today I bank with USAA have a mortgage with them, a car loan, do on-line bill pay, and have life insurance and investments. My new husband also uses USAA for all his financial needs and both children use USAA for their money needs as well. My whole financial life is with USAA and I could not be happier with the service they provided. They did not fail me when I was in needed. Thank you USAA for being there for me and always providing outstanding service to your customers.