I have been a member for over 12 years and can not believe how the level of customer service has gone downhill. I would expect this if I were dealing with a Goodwill Thrift Shop or a Salvation Army but not USAA. After going through a divorce ( my ex and I worked out on our own terms what the split on everything would be ) we decided the split on the remaining bank account with $28,000.00 in it would be a transfer of $10,000.00 to my account ( a USAA account, I might add ). One of the 2 accounts I had with them had been closed and the other open and current. We 3-way a phone call to them transferring the funds to the correct account, to not only have them tell us that we would have to wait for the funds to clear for 10 days, ( and this is money that they already have possession of and has been in the account for months ) but after that, the money never made it to the correct account. Whoever was supposed to be handling the transfer tried to put the funds in the closed account ( which had been inactive for almost 4 years before closing it and I had no checks to or card to use associated with that account ) so when they were unable to do so, instead of notifying me to see what I would like to happen with the funds, they transferred the funds back to my ex's account so when I check back with them 2 weeks later to verify that the transaction was complete I was told that they did not even see a transfer. Now I have to explain the chain of events leading to this and have them check into it themselves and wait for a call back from a supervisor. 4 days later I have still not received a call, so I attempt a call to my ex ( who has been deployed to Afghanistan and has since remarried ) to have him tell me that USAA called his house and not only talked to his wife, but explained the whole entire situation to her. Not only did she not know of all this, but what business is it of hers, and if they were  going to talk to anyone it should have been the account holder ( my ex ) or myself, being I am the one the funds were being transferred to. What idiots ! Now there is a big discrepancy between him and her because she is opposed to this and in the meantime I am the one who suffers. This is just one instance that has left a bad taste in my mouth. I have a few more which I will write about when I have time. But, if you are considering USAA for a bank or any other dealings, please save yourself the aggravation and consider an alternative, you will thank me later. Oh, and by the way, they are not even FDIC insured.


I am not commenting on your issue.  However, I am concerned about the last sentence.  You state that they are not FDIC insured but according to USAA they are FDIC insured.  I looked up on the FDIC's website and they are definitely FDIC insured, their FDIC # is 32188.  I'm sorry for your situation, I really am, but I had to point out that your last statement was bogus.

Investment/insurance:Not FDIC insured . Not bank issued, Guaranteed or Underwritten .May lose value so to your comment im not stating a bogus fact I got there words off this website so look into that

I can believe what you said just do not buy car insurance with med pay insurance.  They will take care of your car put giving you a problem when it comes down to your body injuries.  I am not surprised.

My last customer experience was this....... I called them to have them opening my debit card ,so I. Can do a cash advance ( my money , that I have in my account ) for 5000$ The chick on the phone said " what do you need this kind of money for?" Excuse me ? When I told her that was none of her business and to put her supervisor on she comment with " with all this crime going on , we should ask this! :0) what to say about that ! What do I want with my money? Apperantly I am a criminal ! Lol.