USAA Roadside Assistance Causes Damages and deuctible is on ME ???!!!!

So my son recently used the Roadside Assistance for a Tow.  The USAA contracted towing company drops his truck causing $1500+ in damages.  Options are to use the towing companies insurance to repair or USAA, so I chose USAA.

WRONG!!!!  Even though it was a contracted 'employee' of USAA it's considered a comprehensive 'claim' and therefore I must pay the deductible and get reimbursed!!!????!!!!   I finally got someone to waive the deductible only to have them call back a week later and say it could not be waived after all. Huh????!!!!  Talk about upset!!  What am I paying USAA for then if I have to compensate for USAA???


They stuck to the 'letter of the law' on this one, NO ONE was willing to think outside of the box on this one!


Poor Poor Customer Service!!!!


MsJo62: We're sorry to hear the process has been so difficult for your family. Has everything been resolved with your claim? If not, please share a few additional details here and we'll get a member of our claims team involved.