Can one of the USAA monitors please, please look into DSTEXAS history and track record of replying to posts? I've only been on this public forum for a short period of time but have noticed a pattern of very hostile, demeaning and totally unnecessary comments from DSTEXAS. DSTEXAS hides behind the public nature of these types of forums to say whatever he/she wants which is often of a critical and disrespectful nature to the original poster and to those that don't agree with his/her point of view. In my opinion the reason the USAA monitors allows DSTEXAS to operate in this fashion is because he/she is 100% a USAA apologetic. DSTEXAS is very fond of quoting a myriad of USAA rules and policies as a way of spouting his/her superior knowledge and justifying his/her tongue lashing of members who are simply looking for an open forum to vent frustrations. Again, I please ask that a USAA monitor look into this manner and take appropriate action to ensure this forum is used properly for everyone's benefit. Thank you in advance!


Yes, how dare someone say anything disagreeing with other people on the Internet, especially if they're quoting actual laws and business guidelines. Dude, if you want a place to publicly "vent frustration" start a blog.

@ Jessie M. nobody is saying you can't disagree with anyone on the Internet using facts or not, what I'm trying to point out is the manner in which DSTEXAS does it. I'm sure there will be several people on this forum that will agree with me.  If you honestly don't believe there is problem with how he/she replies then oh well that's your prerogative.


And I won't be starting a Blog because it's my right to express myself right here on this forum. The difference between my expressions and DSTEXAS is I won't do it in a way that is offensive to others.

If you think his postings are offensive then you have a very thin skin. As far as I can see, he tries to help people understand how the system works when they make a financial mistake or incorrect assumption about deposit hold times. There are a lot of people out there who think nothing is their responsibility and it hurts their feelings when they discover that not everyone on here is going to say "poor you".



Dear tbque,

First, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Our goal is to be a community that encourages spirited debate in a respectful manner and foster a positive, supportive environment for members to share with other members. We keep a close eye on on comments and diligently work to remove all posts that do not adhere to our moderation guidelines. Myself, and the other moderators will continue to take a close look at all posts to ensure they are contributing to a constructive community environment.Again, I thank you for taking the time to post and share your feedback!

Thank you Briana, have an awesome weekend!