I just transferred My Auto, Home, and Checking to USAA and am now Applying for a Motorcycle Loan and Insurance through USAA.  I just stumbled onto this memeber community page and it is very negative with a lot of complaints about holds on money, customer services, hours, and negative treatement of the Military.  I am starting to worry that maybe I made a mistake.  I hope not.  I am an Marine Corp Vet and my son is currently in the Marine Corps as a Marine Security Guard at the US Embassy in Mumbai.  I would not take lightly a company that takes advantage of service members.  Can anyone provide some feedback on this page that is positive?  It would be greatly appreciated.


I posted about a perfectly satisfactory collision claim experience.


I, too, have read the Member Community posts and there are quite a few negative ones out there.  When I have a bad experience with a company, one of the first things I do is go online and file reviews with Facebook and yelp and other sites (even BBB).  But when I have perfectly fine experience, I move on.  Things occurred or were handled exactly as I expected them to be done, so I don't think to shout my approval with the same fervor that I would complain.


I try to keep that in mind when the gripes, legitimate complaints, or concerns posted online seem overwhelming or make me seriously second-guess USAA.  And I also keep in mind that when I was searching for an insurance company, many articles providing comparisons of "top insurance companies" were for insurance carriers that were open to the entire public.  Those comparison/ranking articles all posted a specific mention of USAA that ranked it the top 1 or top 2nd, but that it was being excluded from their list because of the member eligibility requirement.

Dear jh1s,

I completely understand being a bit concerned after reading some of the comments here in the community. We only moderate comments based on our moderation guidelines and do not remove any posts just because they cast our services in a negative light. We have a team of people from each line of business reviewing and working the member's issues posted in the community and we like to think that each member's feedback and experience shared is a chance for us to improve and grow as a company to better serve our members.


Here is just one example of a few satisfied members https://communities.usaa.com/t5/Member-Stories/I-Feel-fortunate/bc-p/63783#M3559


Please let us know if we can assist you or answer any questions. We are here to help!

I have been a member since 1998 I have had nothing but great customer service. I work myself in customer retaliations , etc. I realize how hard of a job it can be. I believe that a lot of these posts are from people mad about something else in their lives and they are blowing off some steam. I'm sure if you are respectful and are coming from a rational place you will be able to have a great experience as well.