USAA Keeps my World Going Worry-Free!

I joined USAA in 1998 with vehicle insurance only. I subscribed to additional services subsequently, for checking...then savings......and I was gaining more confidence with USAA. After returning from my overseas two deployments, I decided to purchase a vehicle, one call made to USAA, one check mailed to the dealer, no problem. I had a brand new vehicle. Then, came a second home, one call to USAA, one home loan representative to talk to, no re-explanations, one set of papers sent to me via FedEx and no office visits, no problem. I had the 2nd home and financed by USAA with a low rate! This year, I will soon be using the Mover's Advantage program to sell the first home. And I am happy I will have to make one call to get the home rolling to sell and let USAA take care of the sell and closing! No problem and I will receive some cash back for using Mover's Advantage. Now, what bank institution other than USAA gives you money for selling your home through their bank institution? USAA has my world covered with one phone call! Thank you USAA!
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