I have been a member since 1966. It once was a company to be with. Now they are rude, sent emails unsigned and will VN not return phone calls. Both my Son In Laws have left USAA and after a past claim I can understand. I served in RVN with another Infantry Major who is a LTG Ret on the USAA board. I wonder if the board knows how unsatisfactory the company has become ?


We don't need you anyway, they have been outstanding to 99% of its members. Maybe your attitude has a lot to do with it!!

@ Ultratech, I feel that comment you posted in response to Chaswms statement about his view that USAA not being user friendley very inconsiderate, and rude as a result  showing other usaa members your true ignorance. I mean USAA is not going to give you break on a rate or high-five for what you wrote in response to Chaswms personal post. Since this a USAA run Member Community people can state their opinions but you have no right to respond to the post in a aggresive, ignorant manner as a means to attack anothers character.

   See,  Chaswms  didnt even acknowledge your reply to his post and that says alot of his/hers treatment of others control, and poise not a attitude problem. Basically he/she is mature and educated enough to not entertain your perceptions of his/her attitude. I feel your nasty, belligerent, and hostile-attitude within the community should be enought to take them away from you until you learn how to talk/ respond to other members without agression and  treat other USAA members with respect and not aggresivly attack them for their opinions, not everyone or 99% are happy USAA members as thier is always going to be some hiccups were human.  How can you react  so rude to someone with the same USAA affiliation as you and I? While I read your response I felt it came across aggresive, out of line, and judemental. Your ignorant, antagozing attitude are your downfalls, in additon to verbally attacking another member for whom you know nothing about is just  ignorant, try to remember you play no significant role in the running and decisons within the organization besides being a member like the rest of us.  other than being a member you play no role in the runnings or decisions made within the USAA corporation, you are simply a member just like the rest of us, but I believe you are clearly unaware and uniformed of what your role is as a member. I respectually disagree with your previous staement that " 99% of it's members have been treated oustanding", how did you come to this conclusion?  In closing, I could have responded to you in the same manner as you did with Chaswms but lucky for you the AF has provided me many communication and leadership tools that helped me to not act out impulsvily without first thinking over the possible consequences that my words could have upon our organization and the individual.  Have a great Day!