USAA Is A Family Member

I'm one of the old timers - joined USAA in 1965 before Navy flight school. Upon graduation I got married and was ordered to Hawaii (yes ordered!). We had a home burglary which resulted in the loss of many small valuable items. I called USAA and they said to submit a list of the stolen items and my estimate of their present value. Two weeks later a check arrived in the exact amount of my submitted "claim". I said to myself that this a company that deserves my business. Our family, including both of my grown children have our auto, home and life insurance as well as retirement programs, savings, banking and credit cards through USAA. USAA is truly a member of our extended family. I have recommended USAA to many friends and was pleased to learn of the new enhanced eligibility requirements which made two more friends eligible for membership. Note: When I have occasion to talk to a Service Rep I always take a minute to thank them for their great service over the many years of my membership. It makes both of our days!
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Sir, You are a wonderful American and I thank you for your support of USAA! I too am a loyal member ready to start my second decade of membership shortly! Thank you for sharing your story!
It's amazing how many of us "old timers" (I joined in 1968) feel exactly that way. That's why most of us don't even bother to look elsewhere when insurance needs arise. I believe that you can thank the late General Bob Herres for much of that "customer service," but the ensuing management teams have continued to treat us like the military family that we are. I still appreciate being called "Colonel," and this kind of personal, respectful service is still the hallmark of the USAA operation. Keep up the good work and resist following the GEICO lead. We are a unique military family and should always stay that way!