Have been with USAA 35+ years. Never leaving. After reading some of the comments, members need to understand that the CSRs sometimes respond the way they are approached.


Thank you for your loyal 35 years of membership and your endorsement Scooter. Have a great weekend. ~ Lori

50+ years with no major problems or complaints. CSRs always courteous on the phone and able to resolve inquiries.

Thank you for your 50+ year membership. We're always happy to help. We look forward to serving you and your family for years to come. - Ben 

I've been a USAA member for over 60 years, and just today I discovered the member community section on the USAA.com website.  Was amazed by reading dozens of comments, good, bad, and awful, but they made me think back over those 60+ years to the service and treatment I've received during my years with the Bank and the Insurance Co.  There have been five auto claims, two roof claims, and a multitude of health insurance claims.  I've discovered that I am paying more for auto insurance than I could enjoy with other firms, and am a little ticked by the explanation that it is due to me being an "elderly driver" (over 65) and premiums go up automatically by a percentage each year, regardless of driving record. . Over 35 vehicles, five homes, a rental property, a second home, three boats, life insurance and now medical insurance, probably add up to well over $150,000 in premiums during that time.   I've stuck it out, through loyalty or inertia, and have enjoyed many more positive years than bad ones.  I agree that the USAA of today is not the USAA of yesterday, and it's obvious that the Company over the last couple of decades has changed it's primary interest from serving members to growing its reputation as an entity to be well known and well thought of by the world - not just its members.  Why else spend millions on TV ads that present the company as a benevolent watchdog for militarty families. Long waits for help on phone calls, poor training for some of the CSR folks, returns on investments that aren't nearly as good as they once were - are part of "progress" for companies as huge as USAA now has become.   ANYWAY - I'm one of those "members for life" so I've settled into acceptance of the bad going with the good.  All large companies these days are plagued by complaints about service, about prices, about ineffective employees, so we shouldn't expect USAA to be amy more perfect than others, much as we'd like it to be.

 I still recommend USAA to others, and suggest those with really serious complaints to work through them and continue to enjoy the other benefits of membership.















choctawbob, Thank you for joining this Member Community conversation. As a member of 60+ years, you have a wealth of knowledge to share! I'm delighted to learn that you have had many positive experiences with USAA and that you have remained loyal to USAA, even while receiving lower quotes from other insurance companies. I would like to stress that we are committed to providing exceptional service in 2017. Our team is enhancing our digital experience to expand capabilities, allowing members to complete more simple tasks online, leaving phone calls for more complex situations when members need personal financial advice. If you have any specific concerns that you would like addressed, such as the increase to your auto insurance premium, please respond and I will gladly engage the appropriate folks to address the concerns. ~Darcy