i HAVE BEEN A MEMEBER OF USAA FOR OVER 40 YEARS. That is longer than most marriages I know that I have benefited form the relationship and that USAA has made a profit off of our relationship -- that is part and parcel of a good relationship. -- we both gained something. But in the last year I have noticed a change in our long term relationship; I am no longer a desired member of the relationship It has recently come to a critical juncture as I applied for a loan in the amount of $75,000 against a fully owned home valued at more than 800K. The process started in early November when I applied for 125K. I was told that I would have the funds by 23 December.. On 2 Jan 14 I was told I was not eligible for that amount. I questioned the decision and was told that they had not included some of my income. At that point I reduced the amount and provided proof of the additional income. I was told that they would modify my initial request and needed no further information from me. Today is 14 Jan. I was told that I must redo the request and sign it and provide an updated pay stub. I was advised that it was on the website ready for me to complete. It is not a part of my messages and I am unable to find the form. I all this experience leads me to believe that USAA has changed and not for the better. The people I have dealt with are all very nice but totally ineffective. It is very sad to see an institution that I have recommended to friends and family become like the others -- nice but incompetent. I see no alternative but to ween myself from this relationship and advise all folks that know to stay away from an institution that relies on its great reputation, but cannot help its members. If you need further information about how bad their service can be please respond to this input and I will answer until I have weened myself from this now one-way relationship.


The level of service you have described is unacceptable. We strive to provide exceptional service to our members and are saddened to know we missed the mark. Would you be willing to share a few additional details with so so we can research your situation? 


If so, please send a message using this link and we'll be in touch soon. It is our sincere hope that we can restore your faith in us.