I would like to start by saying that I became a member in 2001 with only an auto insurance policy. I just recently opened a banking account with them as well as a Roth IRA, credit card, debit card, individual mutual fund, auto loan, and homeowners insurance. I'm working on having my house refinanced with them. I am so pleased how much USAA is taking care of me. I proudly tell fellow veterans about this fine company founded by veterans to care of the men and women who served this great country. I only wish I was smarter in my 20's to have what I have now in my 30's with USAA. My friend has USAA and he's very pleased with the service he has with them. USAA is a great company people! When I was getting ready to deploy, they helped me get a power of attorney available for my family to act in my behalf. THEY WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU MY FELLOW VETERANS!!! The personnel are friendly and eagerly willing to help you the best way they can. THANK YOU USAA FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO FOR ME!


USAA is the best financial institution I have ever dealt with. I have changed everything banking, savings, retirement fund, credit card, insurances, auto loan, etc to USAA. I saved over $600.00 per year between my auto and home ovners insurance. My next step is to look into refinancing my home. They treat VETS right. I can't say enough about USAA. All I can say is give them a try. A great company to deal with.