Hi, I wanted to share this story that I constantly tell people in my life when I encourage them to join USAA. We all know that USAA offers cream-of-the-crop customer service, but when they helped my brother when he was having a financial issue during his deployment to Iraq in 2008 I was even more amazed. My brother placed that rare phone call and dialed my cell phone number in California. When I picked up he told me he didn't know the USAA telephone number and needed to speak with them. Since he only had a limited amount of time to speak, I called USAA with my other phone and told them that my brother was on the other line - in Iraq. I told USAA about the situation and I asked if they could speak to my brother if I flipped the phones so that each end was next to each other. They successfully communicated and my brother was able to let go of that financial stress he was dealing with and focus back on his mission. I have always been truly amazed at how that happened and how no other bank would understand that situation of being deployed in a combat zone and helping with one of their own members. Thank you USAA!