I've had USAA for over 20 years and never have had a Problem and always thought of them as a good company. Until today one of my cars has liability on it and they wont cover the expenses. Sounds about right because you should have compehensive insurance ok I get it. But I have two other cars on my policy with comprehensive which they force me to carry my son on since he lives with us. Explanation I received "well he has access to the cars and you never know if he might take the keys without your knowledge" to which i responded my kid has his own car my wife doesnt drive mine ever and so on. Parenting is not an issue. Well then she responded with "im glad you dont have that problem" so why am i being forced to carry him if I dont have that problem. In the 20 years that I had USAA I have put in 3 claims two for windhields on different cars 10 years apart and 1 for a hit and run. I would like to speak with a Manager with a little common sense, I am not expecting einstein to call but somebody

that is not shrugging their shoulders with despair in their voice and unsure of the rhetoric spewing out of their mouth. The other option 15 Minutes can save you 15% on car insurance with your competitor.



This is a fact with all insurance companies at least in Texas.  I can't speak about other states.  I also had to have insurance on my adult son when he lived with us even though he never drove our cars.  I do not beleive you will get a different answer if you switch companies.


I hope you find satisfaction.


Usaa will screw you in the end. They did me wrong after 24 years. A pox on them. I can't wait to take them to court, and I will pea (spelled that way intentionally) on the reputation till the day I die.