I give USAA 5-stars. USAA has always been there for me. Most particularly and recently for my home's damaged roof/ceiling from wind damage. I was TDY when a storm hit. (I live alone.) I had no idea about the storm or its damage. Over a year went by before a significant rainfall exposed leakage in my ceiling. I contacted USAA after fellow Soldiers spoke of a severe storm in my neighborhood while I was TDY and was confirmed by my neighbors. Even though my insurance coverage fell outside the 1-year mark from the date of storm, USAA immediately sent an agent, allowed an additional 3-months to fix roof/ceiling and generously supported the work with $$. I was very impressed and humbled by the support USAA afforded me. Truly, with me, USAA went above and beyond. I'm very grateful. Peter N. Weingarten MSG, USA (recently retired May 2012)