I received the flyer in the mail and thought it would be great for my 7yo son to pick some flowers for his mom while I was at work. I could have done like I normally did and buy from the local florist, but this was fun for my son to pick what he liked online and he waited all day for the flower surprise to his mom from him, his new 2mo brother and of course dad. I wrote the below to FTD in disappointment. But it was to late all asleep and they attempted to deliver the flowers after 9pm. I had already told FTD to give my money back.

I Would suggest USAA to expect more from these partners.

I am deeply disappointed in your service from FTD and my order online through USAA. I paid good money for flowers that I would expect that on such a busy day that there would have been adequate drivers to handle to volume. Getting flowers delivered after 9PM is not acceptable. I have a 7yo and 2 mo that these were to be from with the 7 yo picking the order. He and my wife were in bed by the time they were delivered. I know now not to order from FTD in the future and will encourage others to not buy from your business. Ironically I had already cancelled my order and asked for my money back. When the driver came after 9pm. I turned him away but noticed the florist used was from Mount Laurel, NJ. This is 30 miles away and there was an FTD florist .5 miles from my house. Possibly FTD could have kept my money if they had a better system to coordinate florists locations better.


I had a problem with FTD yesterday too. I ordered the flowers for the 13 to make it easier on them and they showed up the 14th. Wrong flowers and they looked pathetic. Never had a problem with them before but I don't think I'll ever use their services again.

For the second time, FTD has shorted me on the amount of roses that were delivered.  I choose the  Mixed Roses Bqt with 24 roses and only 21 arrived.  When they did it last year I thought it was a simple mistake, but it happpened again.  I don't know if I will be using them again.