USAA Debt Protection Plans, not as good as it seems!

The product is offered at a monthly cost and it seems on his description of events a good thing to buy to be covered when for our inevitable events that we face as being part of the military. I went ahead and purchased the product for my other credit card company and it worked like a champ when we PCS, I get my debt relief for as long as I am unemployed, even if because of a military move, after all we are forced to quit our jobs to be able to follow our soldiers. However, the USAA Debt protection plan WILL NOT, again, WILL NOT cover if you have to resign your job because of military orders. It does not say anything at all on their terms about forced moves as PCS, but assuming that they would cover me just like my other credit card company, I purchased the product, big mistake. They do not only have a lousy customer service, but they do not understand life events and will not protect you unless you are laid off, even if you qualify for unemployment benefits from your state, they will not activate the service.  I WOULD NOT recommend this product to anyone! Seems like being a member of USAA is not a perk anymore, their services and prodcuts are going up each time, to the point that they are not being competitive anymore. Their homeowners insurance is extremely high, and not offering any extra benefit compared to other companies, and the car insurance rates are getting higher each time. Does not seem they are working for their members anymore.