As of today 10/23/2014 USAA credit card services has stolen over $2000.00 and is refusing to refund it for at least 10 days. 


I called USAA yesterday to make a payment on my credit card. I went through the automated phone line and was authorizing a payment for the minimum due which was around $167.00. The machine asked what day to process the payment...I said today (10/22/14) The machine then repeated back "you are authorizing a payment for the balance of $2017.11 for today, correct?" I said NO. It took the payment. 


Right away I called back and talked to several people including a manager who basically said sorry, nothing we can do to stop or change the payment amount. They told me that the payment probably wouldn't hit my bank for a few days.... at that point it would bounce and they would work with me to refund the nsf fee. 


Well the payment hit today. I am now overdrawn on my back account several thousand dollars....checks are bouncing and I am getting fees from my bank for each check that bounces as well as a fee for being overdrawn. Once again I call USAA...and guess what? They will not give me back my money for at least 10 days. They will pull the payment immediately but refuse to put the money back. My bank will work with me on the fees only AFTER USAA refunds the payment that THEY NEVER HAD PERMISSION TO TAKE IN THE FIRST PLACE. So, for the next 10 days I cannot pay bills, buy food, buy gas and I get to watch my bank account keep bouncing my checks for the mortgage, health insurance, etc.


Way to go USAA. Excellent service. Do I need an attorney to get my money back? Calling and talking to anyone including management has been a huge waste of time and you ARE refusing to give me my money. I never authorized this payment amount. You took it immediately. I need it refunded immediately.


45 minutes later:


Just got off the phone with my bank again (State Employees Credit Union NM). They said that I should have my money refunded immediately...if USAA can take the payment that fast they CAN refund it that fast. They are choosing not to.


Again, MY bank will be working with me just as soon as USAA gives me my money back. Also, my bank IS willing to talk on a 3 way call with management at USAA. Too bad Erica was unwilling to talk to my bank. All Erica and USAA can do is refund my money in 10 days.


Crooks... I never even authorized them to take the money in the first place. I'm up to $300 in nsf fees so far at my bank. Thanks again USAA.


I feel your pain. The more USAA spends on TV commercials the more their customer services sucks.I hate USAA. I do business with USAA, and just have to accept it comes with a price, ZERO customer service. PS I won't be recommending USAA to my children, forget it. Did i mention I HATE USAA!!!!

So sorry for your terrible "predicament" - what an awful horror story! If usaa is questioning you about telling the truth in this matter, don't they have voice recordings of all transactions they can pull? If you are a well established customer of usaa and they are doing this and if I were in your shoes, I'd call the Better Business Bureau and report them - this sounds like usaa has gotten too big for it's britches and needs some intervention! I'd ask BBB what federal agency I could report them to also - big bank taking advantage of customer. Good luck
I have ALWAYS had the absolute best customer service experiences with USAA. Your situation sounds extremely frustrating, I'm sorry you are having to deal with these issues. I do not have a credit card with USAA but I do utilize all of their other services & have been 200% happy with every time I have had to deal with them. Including 3 auto accidents this year alone. I am a huge advocate of USAA & would recommend them to anyone. Maybe you were just getting someone on a bad day. I hope things turn around for both of you... God bless.
Usaa loves to pile up the od and nsf fees and to take your money. Im searching for a new bank, i suggest you do the same

In tears again. Just looked at my bank account.... still bouncing. I have been a member of USAA since 1991 (car & home insurance; loans; credit card). My parents, my brother, my grandparents (all 3 sets) are members. Heck, one set of grandparents live at USAA retirement village in San Antonio (Air Force Village)!!


The credit card is the last thing I still had with them.... I still can't believe this.


IF anyone from USAA happens to read this....THIS is how to help a customer. I need my medications....obviously I can't use my bank card since I am currently OVERDRAWN until USAA gives me my money back. I called my CU and they will post a temporary credit to my account so that I can get my medicine. THAT is how a bank helps. Unfortunately, the credit is only enough for the medication...not food, not bills, not gas. I NEED MY MONEY BACK. 

Well, I have nothing but time on my hands until a REFUND IS ISSUED. I am being told by several organizations that a refund should have/COULD HAVE been issued right away. This is not a "banking procedure" this is USAA's company policy. THEY CAN ISSUE THE REFUND...THEY ARE CHOOSING TO WAIT.


How far to I have to take this to get my money back that you STOLE? News stations? Share my story on Facebook (currently I have 1309 friends and I'm sure they will be willing to share my story - I'm using my real name here it is the same as on Facebook, Instagram, Google +, and the several glass working forums that I belong too. BBB has complaint has been filed. NM AG's office is calling me back. I NEED MY MONEY REFUNDED..

Victoria from the CEO's office called this morning and I just hung up with another representative from the same office, Vanessa. Thank you two very much for your help...I understand that my funds will be deposited shortly. Thank you again...both of you were very nice and extremely helpful.

I have only acquired a few NSF fees over the years & when I have asked the representative to remove the fee, they always have! Try it!