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Thank you KG1, Right backatcha! :)

Watch out !!!  I've been a loyal happy member of USAA for 40 years but watched it change it's practices over the past 5, now becoming predatorial, untrustworthy, and abusive.   fwiw:  It used to be open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, monitor your accounts for theft, fraud, and changes in spending patterns but it now admits that it no longer does that but only monitors for large purchases.   It's fragmented, irresponsible, no longer exists on a basis of trust and respect, and makes excuses for violations of its own policies.  I'll give just 2 examples:   When I asked why no one ever asks me for my phone password anymore i was told 'well mam, when you're calling from a phone number in your profile, we see no need to ask !"  My response was:  Well what about when my cell phone has been stolen !!!        Another:   When my Visa bill was $13,000.00 one month (when it's usually maybe $1200.00)  I didn't even receive a call.  Why?  they don't monitor for a change in spending patterns.  If I'd purchased a $13,000.00 boat they would have called, but they didn't notice a 5 page statement!


I was also told I had overdraft protection on my new bank account after my wallet had been stolen.  FACT: no classic overdraft protection at all. Instead they simply charged my Visa card (without my knowledge or permission) and charged a bounced check fee and all the charges associated with a cash advance on a credit card, something I've never done in my life because of the expense.   USAA is no longer the company it was 20 years ago. It's reducing it's hours, staff, continuity, accountability as it raises undisclosed charges and takes no responsibility for anything that happens with your money.  It used to be a company that had its members back, thus loyalty and mutual respect.  Long term members like me are now noticing the changes and being verbal about it.  FWIW:  these deplorable practices all seemed to start at the same time it began advertising on TV.  I don't know any lifelong members who would endorse those ads now and we resent being used.


I hope you have good experiences but do your due diligence and comparison shop.  I now consider USAA to be less reliable and trustworthy than Chase or Bank of America.    For a good bank;  I've had my money with Pentagon Federal Credit Union for 40 years and they've yet to change their hours, charges, or any of their outstanding practices showing their comittment to their members