Boulder, CO, Sept. 12, 2013.   Flood sirens echoing through town, fourth day of the deluge and we were doing great but, alas, the power went out as did the sump pumps. Our five kids, (age 7-16), camping headlamps on heads, came and grabbed 5 gallon buckets and we became a brigade.  We worked until 3 am--- a character building experience for the family and a valiant effort but when the lights came back on, we saw that the water had infiltrated the basement.  Gone are the cork floors, the carpeting, and miscellaneous posessions.  USAA stepped up and contributed to our clean-up effort.  We're very grateful for their help and quick turn so we can start putting it back together.  We were fortunate that we weren't hit harder, as many were around town, but we felt lucky at our choice of an insurance company for our family.  Thanks USAA!