The IRS did not direct deposit my refund as I had indicated them to do, so I went to the UPS where I have a mail box and was about to mail the check via the SELF addressed & postage paid envolpes provided by USAA and while I was happy I did not have to pay for postage i was bummed I had to mail it when the UPS clerk told me about the NEW services where USAA let's it's members deposit checks for FREE! So I did and by the time I was in my car I got an email on my blackberry confirming the DEPOSIT! So this is a WELL KEPT secret!!! Please advertise this MORE!!! Sure beats snail mail deposits!


I was told about this when I called about getting deposit slips for the occasional check I may have to deposit rather than transferring the monies, however the nearest UPS that does this if about 40 miles away. I hope that more of the UPS offices start offering this.