What happened to "Customer Service?" when filing an auto claim.  My wife had an accident with a driver who had borrowed a car from his friend.  At the accident, the other driver stated to the police officer that he was at fault for driving at night without headlights.  The driver was cited for driving without headlights.  To make sure that USAA collected on our $1000.00 deductable, the USAA adjuster immediately agreed with the other drivers insurance (Farmers) that my wife was 80-90% at fault.  USAA paid for the minor damage to the other driver's car and collected the deductable from us to probably cover the costs of his repair.  We don't know if this is how USAA handles a claim or if the adjuster is not very intelligent, this stupidity is enough to send me back to GEICO.  At least GEICO will not immediately side with the competition before using common sense to evaluate the situation.