I have to laugh about this since I was at a dealership yesterday and was told by them that they don't work with USAA Car Buying services since USAA has turned into a joke.


I have had great experiences with USAA but over the past few year's have heard other member's who were with USAA a lot longer than I state how poor this credit unions services have gotten.


Regardless tonight I attempted to see what USAA could save me on a new 2014 RAM 1500. I only looked at the Tradesman and Express models in Quad and Crew cabs but I'm sure the other models fair the same.


Anyway, if you attempt to build these vehicles at USAA your only option is the Tradesman, Crew Cab with 6'4" bed, the Tradesman, Quad Cab with 5'7" bed or the Express, Quad Cab with a 5'7" bed. No big deal right....


Well if you go to the RAM site and attempt to build your new truck you will see that the only model offered by RAM is the Tradesman, Crew Cab with a 6'4" bed. RAM offers four other models but you cannot build these on the USAA site. I thought that maybe this was because they were the new 2014's but no, it's similar with the 2013's also.


So much for the USAA Car Buying Services......I would have let them know but I couldn't find a way to contact them via email and opted not to call and wait.