USAA Always there

My dad recommended that my husband and I call USAA shortly after we got married when they began letting former dependents of officers enroll. Over the past 35 years, every experience we've had with USAA has been positive. I shudder to think how much car insurance we would have paid with 3 teen drivers without USAA. When we were on a trip in 2007, I received word that my father was dying and I needed to come home. I happened to be just outside of St. Louis and called and made plane reservations, then called USAA and they set up a rental car for me at my destination. When weather created havoc in my travel plans, I just called USAA and they handled letting the rental car agency know what was going on. When I arrived at my destination nearly a day later, my rental car was there waiting for me and I drove the additional 2 hours home. Thankfully, I had about a week with my dad before he passed away but I was grateful that I only had to make a call to USAA and they took care of the rest. Just like they have always taken care of any claim-I am glad I took my dad's advice and now my children all carry USAA for home and car insurance and some investments. Thanks, USAA
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