PCSing to Germany with less than a month to prepare was the worst experience I have ever had to deal with. I thoght that nothing was going to get done and the Army would slam us with some crazy UCMJ action for not being ready. But USAA has seriously been there for my family when it seemed liked everyone else turned thier backs to us. Frankly, they were a mircale from above. I knew USAA was the first place I needed to turn to when I needed coverage for our vehicles, renters and movers insurance, insurace on all our personal propperty and even awesomely enough our CAMERAS TOO!! And when money was tight and we couldnt afford to send our pets with us, they found a personal loan policy that was perfect for us and now we're all one big happy family!! They have been such a help through the whole way. Thnak you guys for all the support!


Personally, I can't even begin to imagine how difficult it was to pack up an entire household in less than a month! Your stress level must have been off the charts. It's wonderful to know that we were able to help you when you needed us the most. Thanks for being a part of the USAA family.