I recently changed my automobile insurance to add an additional vehicle that I was buying. After I was done a section at the bottom stated that I qualified for 1.3% financing for an auto loan so I clicked the link. I filled out all the paperwork and then the website calculated my payment based on amount and terms that I wanted. The APR% was set at 2.49%. Some people I work with were bragging about Randolph Brooks and their customer service and automobile loan rates. So I opened up an account online for $5.00 with Randolph Brooks. After I opened it up I applied online for a car loan to see what their rate would be. I was surprised to find out that they were going to give me my full asking amount with a 1.65% APR. I called USAA and told them about Randolph Brooks and was repeatedly told by the rep that based on the car's year that the best they could do for me is 2.49%. I even asked if they matched other credit unions and she repeated the 2.49% APR. The rep asked me if I had gone through their car buying service and if I had I would have gotten a better APR for using them. USAA's car buying service didn't show my vehicle on their website so it wasn't available for that. So I signed a loan with Randolph Brooks for my car loan and am extremely happy. From now on all I am using USAA for is insurance ONLY. They would rather lose business from a customer that has been with them a long time rather than match a rate. Mind you the car I was purchasing was not even a full two years old so it wasn't like I was purchasing an old car. USAA has great customer service but Randolph Brooks treated me better than USAA and I was a brand new customer. I received a check the same day I applied for the loan with Randolph Brooks. I am extremely disappointed in USAA but will only have my insurance through them. I may even change that after researching other companies. You better wake up USAA before you lose your customers to other credit unions. Social media posts can really spread the word nowadays and instead of just reaching one or two people it can reach 1-2 million people a day. Attention other USAA members check out Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union. They want your business and treat you like your special. Thumbs down USAA!!!!!!!


You may look into another company, for auto insurance depending on where you live in the U.S. the rate could be better than USAA. I did a comparison and shopped around myself. I looked at travel..s, progre..ive, Liber..y Mutu..al, stat..e fa..m, allst..te, farme..s and gei..o. Then I compared customer satisfaction and decided to go with Liber..y Mutu..al. I'm now paying $21 less per month for better covereage. Same deductible same free coverages, but for some reason the medical payments were better under Liber..y Mutu..al's plan, by about $5000. The amount of savings made me shop around for home insurance and I decided to go with progre..ive, USAA quoted me $981.12 progre..ive $444.84 (now how do those companies come up with quotes that different). I've had USAA for a little over 5 years now time to look elsewhere. I've learned the hard way, always shop around or expect to get robbed blind. (for some reason you can't post other companies names unless you spell it a certain way...interesting). P.S. always check customer satisfaction I found even better rates, but when I looked at consumer complaints for each company I decided to play it safe and still saved money, I could have saved even more, but I didn't want to risk being stuck in a bad situation.