My father retired as a Commander in the US Navy, graduated from the US Naval Academy, served from 1939 and retiring in 1969. He served in World War II and served in the Tonkin Gulf in Vietnam. Unfortunately I do not know all of his stories of his service. My father passed away in 2001 at the age of 81. What I do know, is USAA. My father was a very proud member of USAA. I personally have been a member since I was 6 months old when my father took out a life insurance policy for me. Growing up he taught me about all type of insurance and banking and that no one could compare to the service of USAA. I am 45 year old mother of 4 children. I am so glad my father shared USAA with me! I have all of my business with USAA--banking, insurance, mortgage and other lines of service. The level of service is impeccable and beyond compare. I have never done business with another company with service like USAA. Many years ago, I used to work for a bank, however I chose for them to direct deposit my paycheck because USAA Federal Savings Bank was so far superior than the institution I worked for. As a side note, USAA is still going strong. My former bank became a casualty of the S&L crisis of the 80's and 90's. Today, I have 2 daughters that are graduating this week from high school and will be leaving for college. Both are USAA members with active lines of business. When I access USAA online, pay my mortgage, replace my insurance cards in my vehicles, monitor my investment accounts and college savings accounts, I think of my father. I think about my father's service to our great country. I think about my dad's great advice regarding USAA. I think of the talks with my father as he prepared for me to make my mark in this world. One day, after I am long gone, my children will be accessing their USAA accounts, paying their mortgages, replacing their insurance cards in their vehicles, monitoring their investment and college savings accounts. They will think of their grand dad and the service he provided to our great country. They will think of talks with their mom as she prepared them to make their mark on the world. That's the Legacy! That's the USAA Legacy!!