Apparently not all UPS stores are created equal. My local UPS store is not authorized by USAA to accept deposits, even though the owner is a USAA member and has made numerous requests for authoization. I had to drive clear across town to the one store in Raleigh that has a contract with USAA to deposit a check larger than $10,000. Why aren't all USP stores authorized?


We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate you bringing this to our attention. I'm not sure what the requirements are, but we'll be happy to get you in touch with a specialist who can provide this information. If you'd like to discuss this in greater detail, please send a message here and we'll be in touch soon.

All I want to know is, why aren't all UPS stores authorized to accept deposits? Especially if the owner is a USAA member himself. What's the big deal? You don't have local bank branches so it very difficult to deposit checks. Yes, I use your Deposit@Mobile and Deposit-on-Line services. But those services do not accept checks over $10,000. Please, just give me your reasoning for restricting UPS deposits to only certain stores.

Just use the USAA mobile site or look on the internet, search easy deposit for usaa, find location, type in your zip code, and magically it appears. UPS stores that are authorized of making deposits. I just don't understand why so many people complain about things when it's so easy.