I find it difficult to believe that so many members of USAA  hold Tucker Carlson and Fox in such contempt.  I would be extremely disappointed if USAA were to cut ties with either.  As of this evening USAA was still advertising on Carlson's show and for that, I thank the decision makers at USAA.  Tucker is a commentator and not a reporter and, as such, is a counterbalance to the a commentators on the more (Often much more) liberal networks.  Confronational? Yes.  Politically Correct? No.  Racist, homophobe, white supremacist, misogynist, and all the other "ists" you can conjure up, or fabricate-NO!   I vote for USAA maintaining its current relationship with Fox and continue advertising on Carlson's show.  I've been a proud member of USAA for 50+ years and would hate to see this great organization buckle to the few and the loudest.





First- I don't think any posts are against Fox news.  USAA should advertise on actual news shows all they want.


Maddow, Carlson, Hannity aren't news shows. They are opinion shows, carefully designed to manipulate and inflame their audiences to drive clicks and advertising dollars.  I don't see how this type of programming is helpful to a well functioning democracy. 


Specific to Carlson, his comments on white supremacy are alarming.  Ditto for his remarks on immigrants.  I could find similar comments by Hannity and Maddow.



Of course, this speech is protected by the 1st amendment.  But that doesn't mean money from me, or any other member should go to support the millions of dolllars these people make.  And, why USAA wants their brand associated with them is bewildering to me.  There are plenty of other places to advertise.


Hope that helps explain the posts against Carlson.

Not at all, my comments stand.  By the way, there are several posts advocating USAA no longer advertising on Fox, much less, on Carlson's show.  We'll just have to disagree on this one.

Even Fox staff hate what goes on at Fox.  Hence the mass exodus of professionals from Fox.   Shep Smith left a few weeks ago.   The top intel reporter (forget her name) resigned this week: she stated "truth matters" as she left in disgust.   They aren't the only ones to leave Fox, and the rest of the staff warned that more will follow.  Why anyone listens to worthless "opinion" talking heads like Hannity, Ingram, Carlson, etc for news or actual facts escapes me.  Even Fox deleted its tattered image about being factual news.   People who actually consider these low class talking heads as reliable information sources is troubling and scary!   All they do is spread conspiracy theories (and all too often racist and inflamatory lies).  Most of them have been suspended for on air lies or racism at one time or another.  Hannity: suspended for continuing the lie that the DNC murdered a young man who Fox blamed for releasing the Clinton/DNC emails to Russia...despite FBI, Secret Service, and local DC police dispelled that story....which Fox admitted was made up by 3 "reporters" Fox later fired.   Ingram: suspended for things like attacking school children who survived school shootings.  Piero: same-o, same-o.   Carlson: same-o same-o, plus racist comments.   O'Reilly: suspended for much the same, then fired when stockholders found out Fox paid millions to pay off sex abuse charges.  The one who harps uindere the title of "Savage Nation" is the best: he was on a list for many years denied access onto any United Kingdom countries due to hate speech, attacks, and similar behavior.   He's the choisest piece of human garbage over at Fox.   The latest two to bail out of Fox totaled more than 50 years of actual reporting for Fox.   Only time will tell when Chris Wallace and Cavuto have enough.  For anyone with a military association to listen to "opinion" folks like Ingram is inconceivable!   This is the human detritus who attacked LTC Vinnon (sp?) as a traitor and spy!   She and her spawn attacked him because they say he speaks Ukrainian and Russian, so he must be spying for Ukraine and Russia.   Mein gott in Himmel!   How low can even a Fox talking head get?  And you support it?   Not only is he an Infantry Field Grade Officer, Purple Heart recipient, has two children in the Army (ours, not Ukraine's), AND HE IS A FOREIGN AFFAIRS OFFICER!  He was hand-picked and further trained to effect coordination with his assigned country: Ukraine.  He's also part of the NSC!  Just like Colin Powell was.   If you wore a uniform, and too many USAA members didn't, you should be up in arms, not defending these pieces of poopy.   All you get are lies and misinformation...not good if you want to support your country.   Instead of believing these liars and anti-Amerricans, do some research: don't just listen to talking heads, since you are typing on a computer, you have access to the internet which actually can access truthful information.  Check out the truth (not paid opinions) on the Uranium 2 topic; how the USA, EU, IMF, and Ukraine ALL forced the firing of the prosecutor Fox said Biden got fired (Note: the prosecutor had already dropped the investigation of the energy company before Hunter Biden started working there...that was part of the reason the USA and most of Europe wanted him fired...he wasn't investigating ongoing corruption....and the Ukraine parliament voted overwhelmingly to fire him).  I could go on, but yuou shouldn't believe a word I say or type!   You should research to see if I'm lying for some unknown reason, or you are functioning under Fox lies.