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Deeply disappointed USAA, OF WHICH i have been a member for 52 years, is sponsoring dangerous conspiracy theorist Tucker Carlson on Fox.

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I'm very happy to see USAA support the only national pundit who seems willing and able to speak the truth. GO Tucker! Please USAA keep up the support. Tucker tells it like it really is, not how the loonylefties want it to be. Get off CNN, actually listen to what Tucker has to say. President Trump may not be the most personable president ever but he sure has done more for this county, without much help from the lackluster flakes in do-nothing Congress, than any other in the past 100 years. Finally, a couple people who, like it or not, tell it like it is.

Like Tucker's show last night when he called Gen Milley both "stupid" and a "pig"?? I hope USAA breaks all ties with his divisive show.

Does USAA still sponsor this low-life? August 2020 now, and he just praised a child for killing 2 people.

That must be the 17 yr old under attack by at least 3 people, at least one of whom was pointing a gun at him (the pistol is clearly seen in video of those who attacked the kid). Kid was defending himself as is his right.

Praising a 17 year old for killing people should be the end of his career. Sponsoring his show is immoral and goes against the ideals our military was founded on. 

Demanding USAA stop advertising because of Tuckler Carlson is just as wrong as the nutjobs who spew hate about football players taking a knee.  Both undermine the Constitution...specifically the First Amendment.  If we, as soldiers who swore an oath to defend the Constution, abridge either group, we are wrong.  Free speech is free to all Americans, or it isn't free speech. That's the bad side of living in a free Republic.  We can't pick and choose who gets freedom, or there is no freedom.  Yep; Tucker is a piece of human detritus...one talking head among too many who actively divide this country.  That's why even Fox jerked him from the air one or more times...just like Hannity, Ingram, Piero, and others.  And that is why Fox is experiencing an exodus of good news people like Shep Smith, the lady who quit this last week saying "truth matters", the retired Army LTC, and others.   Now to see who leaves next. But if we want to target either "right" or "left" people or groups because we don't agree with them, we can't. Not without stopping all financial support to the company.   It's as strong to pull from CNN, MSNBC, or any other group or company discriminating against one side or the other.  We were all taught in the military to not punish all for ther deeds of one: you don't punish a Platoon because one person did something wrong.  We can't take Tucker from our relight side fringe without Fox losing Chris Wallace (and increasingly Cavuto).  If we stop anything, let's stop advertising oln all news agencies so no side is singled out.  Let the news media follow facts without favoring who pays into their coffers.  Only guys like some of the names below will pump money into Fox.   Let Fox and others wither on the vine, but don't give revenue to their competition!  Equal under the law is a good guide.  Equal, not your favorite talking heads. Then each person contact the comp;anime's that advertise with Fox and let them know why you no longer shop with them.  That is your personal freedom.   I do that all the time: Bass's Pro received notice my family and I will shop at Dick's (because of their stance on firearms sales).    You may notice that there are only a few companies that Fox's talking heads push all the time: mostly JUUL and the pillow maker. 

Gotta disagree with you on this one.  Tucker is opinionated and clearly confrotational but a conspiracist, no!  He has the nerve to call it as he sees it and political correctness be damned.  I personally like the man.   Tommy B., member since '65

Hey Dingleberry, did you check the recent thread about the Bidet? Looks like somebody is putting your very existance in doubt. Rub a dub, scrub.

Gottta luv those dingleberries.  Eaten any lately??

Just like the majority of us that are moving on since USAA began embracing the the Loser NFL Kneelers. It's all about the $ nowadays.

Agreed. Completely appalled to learn this institution and my money are funding that broadcast of filth, lies, and general cowardice that undermine the American values we served with, and continue to live by: respect, leadership by example, hold ourselves to a higher standard.

It's time to cut ties with this racist so called man. My father fought in World War II to free people from oppression. Now your sponsoring someone who supports it. I think it's sending the wrong message about U.S.A.A. by being associated with this so called man.

USAA will not pull advertising from Fox News until they lose enough customers. In other words, does the business they get from advertising there outweigh the business they may lose? Posting about it on the forum assumes that morality factors into what is ONLY a financial decision. The unfortunate fact is that under capitalism, a company would be stupid to act any other way.

I won’t argue that nobody should voice their grievance. I’m only saying, voicing it won’t do ***. We have to put our money where our mouth is.

The good news is, any customer who leaves USAA for another provider isn’t really losing much. Other organizations do it better and cheaper.


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I want to urge USAA to stop advertising with Fox and Tucker Carlson. They do not live up to USAA's image and Corporate Mission.


Tucker Carlson.  Promoter of propaganda and conspiracy theories.  Pull advertising from Tucker Carlson.  Trump is a draft dodging perpetual victim. 

Off the top of your head:  Who was the last democrat president to serve in the military?  Obama was afraid to volunteer and Clinton dodged.  Yes, Trump was a draft dodger but he had lots of company.

This from some rear area remf that never heard a shot fired in anger.

Have a nice steaming bowl of borscht and catch the Igor and Lev show. The next time you have one of your political epiphanies and think it's a good idea for the U.S. to have a fascist oligarchy remember how well this one worked out. President Spray Tan Combover just employed Pam Bondi on his defence team. Remember her? She's the former Florida AG that gave Trump a walk on his Trump University scam. Prior to her abrogating her responsibility Trump gave her a $25,000 campaign donation. I find street corner drug dealers much less of a threat to our society than white collar criminals. They need to be put in a real penitentiary and NOT minimum security dorm. You sound like you've got a degree from T.U. 

I take it then that you believe Hillary should be in jail for her deliberate mishandling of classified.  I agree.  You and I would both have gone to Leavenworth if we had done as she did.