Deeply disappointed USAA, OF WHICH i have been a member for 52 years, is sponsoring dangerous conspiracy theorist Tucker Carlson on Fox.


If USAA continues to support Tucker Carlson you will be losing my entire family with over 40+ years of membership. How do you reconcile supporting a hate-filled program and network but profess to care about the community. Shame on you. You will no longer use my money to support a program like that!

We are watching to see if USAA does the right thing and stops supporting white supremacist Tucker Carlson. We will take our business elsewhere if this relationship continues.

I am also very disappointed to see USAA listed as an advertiser on Tucker Carlson Tonight.  I have sepnt my entire adult life address threats to my fellow Americans from the Soviet Union to al qaeda and even white supremacists.  It is unsettling o know that I am basicially funding lies and propaganda that run counter to everything I believe in and know to be true.  Lies that benefit terrorists who wish to harm my fellow Americans.  I hope USAA will reconsider advertising on a show that is an anathema to the real values of the US military.

Please explain the lies that benefit the terrorists?  Really.


I, too, am beyond disappointed in USAA's sponsorship of a blatantly bigoted and racist program such as Carlson's. If there is not public disavowal by the USAA leadership soon, I will begin the process of moving my accounts elsewhere. 36 years of membership.

Please name one, just one, racist comment you've heard from Carlson.  Name one, just one, racist act you've heard of him being involved in. 

Pulling advertising from Tucker Carlson's show should be done immediately. Support of domestic terror, white nationalism and racism are not in keeping with the values of USAA's membership. The idea that "immigrants make this country dirtier" might be challenged by those in uniform and those who have served to make this country a haven for people from around the world seeking freedom and a new life, including CEO Parker's ancestors, and those of my family.
I have been a member for over 30m years but I will also be reevaluating any ongoing support of USAA if this company continues advertising with this program.

I've been a member for 50+ years and would be extremely disappointed if USAA were to distance itself from Carlson.  Carlson aside, I'm surprised at the number of far left extremists that are members of USAA.

More attack dog commo.   Grow up and get a life.  Yes, Tucker deals in conspiracy theories and garbage rhetoric....but even Fox notes he isn’t a journalist or reporter (Fox has Smith, Wallace, and some others for that).   He panders to uneducated, likely racist, and oddball groups with “opinion speak”.  Fox pulled him for the typical “vacation defelection” as they did with Hannity, Ingraham, Peiro (sp?), and O’Reilly....although O’Reilly wasan’t allowed back in the fold.  Back when he wore bowties, his positions and demeanor were mirror images to today’s Tucker.  But all your “far left extremists that are members of USAA” is wayyy out of line.  As for this ex-GOP voter since Nixon: go away.   You, and people like you, are what destroyed the Republican party.  Attack, attack, insult, deflect, and blame someone else: not a good OPLAN, sonny.  You merely mark yourself as a mental and emotional failure.  No one but another like you will give you any credence.  Go away.