USAA has provided me and my family with excellent service for almost thirty years, until this year.  Every car I buy is a used car and I keep the same coverage from car to car.  The last car I added to the policy seemed the same as usual until I had a breakdown on a rainy highway. 

I called for a tow and was told that I hadn't added towing to this newest policy and was transfered to Policy Services who looked at my policy and said that towing was not included, (USAA mistake).  They transferred me back to the USAA Dispatcher who said I had to pay $104.00 for a tow, so I had them transfer me back to Policy Services who put me on hold for twenty minutes and came back with a deal;  the tow would be covered and later in the week USAA and I would work out the details of the mistake.  This was the USAA that I was used to getting excellent service from!  Until they transferred me back to the USAA Dispatcher who said there was no such deal and I had to pay or be left on the road, (two hours had passed and my daughter was getting worried that we were abandoned).  I used the last of my bill/food money and got the tow. [the next day I paid the $6.00 for towing coverage]

Several weeks and many phone calls later, USAA decided that it was correct for me to pay for the tow because I wasn't covered at the time of the breakdown, and if I wanted to take it further I could call back to the representative I had been talking to for weeks.


I feel the same way.....When I added a new vehicle with the current policy......never knew rental coversge wasn't covered until I was in a car accident. If I request the same policy options that means "the same policy options. I'm know comparing USAA to get what you pay for!

General Robles;  Are you listening?