The problem with USAA is that the seervice is overly automated; there is too much reliance on every system working correctly every time. When something goes wrong the process becomes difficult. But even worse, the customer service at locations is ingrained with the idea of pushing you too the machine process and they don't effectively screen what it is you are trying to do. Word from the now wise, don't let them push you; insist on asking your questions and getting answers that make you comfortable. Just got burned by an ATM that ate my check. There was a better way which I found out later, but the direction I recieved from the USAA "not really a teller or customer service" was poorly thought through.


I would like to know what they paid for the service which wastes our time and what it would cost to acutally have some human beings answering the phones.  If the cost is prohibitive,  how about allowing customer input on initial numeric code selections.  Someone smarter than me said:  "Time is money".   Was it Ben Franklin?