You might say the military is the family business. It started with my father, a skinny little farm kid almost too underweight to enter the Navy near the end of WWII. Somewhere along the way of a career that spanned WWII, Korea and Vietnam, he became a mustang - an officer raised up from the enlisted. Two brothers enlisted into the Navy directly out of High School, despite the Viet Nam war still ongoing. I, the youngest and a girl to boot, had to do things different and entered the Air Force at a time when most female recruites were office personnel or in medical. I was the first Liquid Fuels Mechanic. Naturally, I married Air Force and our oldest son joined the Air Force, but our youngest and a girl to boot just had to do things different. She joined the Navy during the first Gulf War! And now we have a Grandson, who married into the Air Force and another Grandson ( from the Air Force side) who has become a Navy combat Corpsman. We could not be prouder of all of them. They are just now stepping out and taking a good look at USAA, with encouragement from the elder veterans. The Military life of Duty, Honor and Sacrific and the care and assisstance of USAA - our family's Legacy!