I became a loyal USAA customer 30 years ago after my father, a retired chief warrant officer and Green Beret with three Vietnam tours under his belt, put me on his auto insurance policy to give me the same protection he had enjoyed for years with USAA. My father-in-law enjoyed USAA membership as an Air Force pilot who served through WWII and the Korean War before retiring as a Lt. Colonel. My husband became eligible for USAA services after enlisting in the Army at the tender age of 34 shortly after seeing the twin towers fall in Manhattan. He left a lucrative job on Wall Street to serve with the 82nd Airborne in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. My oldest son, a 1st year cadet at the Air Force Academy, is now a USAA member in his own right since purchasing his first new vehicle with a USAA auto loan. My teenage twins are well-protected drivers under our USAA auto insurance policy. My family uses USAA for virtually all its financial needs from investments to insurance, from auto loans to credit cards, and cannot consider switching to any competitor. One cannot put a price on USAA's extraordinary commitment to quality customer service and dependability. Thank you USAA for taking care of my family for the past 60 years!