My father recommended USAA to me for car insurance when I graduated college. I don't come from a wealthy family and hadn't been employed long enough to have a good down payment, but I was able to buy a decent used car out of college, thanks to USAA's car loan program. That car got me back and forth for years to a far-distant drill weekend as a young LT, until I totalled it in an accident. USAA backed me up then against an unscrupulous other driver/insurance company and it turned out to be a positive experience! Since that day we've opened accounts for our children's educations, made investments for our retirements, completed hundreds of online bank account transfers, re-financed our home, and continuted to buy cars with USAA. USAA has made our lives easier, and has always acted with integrity. Every major financial decsion we've made, we've consulted with USAA. We have always been pleased with the attention to detail and the knowledge displayed by USAA staff. We have never experienced an extended wait by phone, but more than once have put the representative on hold long enough to change a diaper!