This question is for the USAA Staff of Members Community- Dealing with USAA Censorship on Members Community....

Why does USAA censor the writing of Public Communication in the Members Community? I posted a comment last night about USAA and it is now gone. Is USAA concerned of the truth that it would be harmful and sensitive to USAA image. That USSA is afraid of the truth of how poor the service within USAA Moraga has gotten. Speaking to the USAA mortgage team yesterday was the worst experience I have ever had. There should be a Topic on Fannie May and the Dodd-Frank Act, which cause these issues in the first place. My post yesterday was the truth!


Non- Censorship for Truth




Read USAA Member Community Moderator Response found here in regards to question posed by DoD Army Civ about deleted comments.


Keeping Everyone Informed

The Problem is I did follow the guidelines and they still removed it. Ive already forward a complaint about the Member Community to USAA Headquarters.