I just want to tell you (USAA), and all of the viewers out there in BANK LAND, that USAA is Hands Down, the BEST online banking experience I have ever had. I want to commend you for not charging us all the fees these other banks charge. I have a dozen or so bank accounts over 3 banks, half of which are with USAA. I have nothing but fees and problems with all the other banks, and long waits whenever I transfer money between accounts. USAA is almost instant with bank to bank transfers. Whenever I have needed to speak to a Customer Service member, I feel like I am speaking to a family member. One of my banks (WF) has a Bill pay system that didn't work well at all. It made me miss a few payments on time, which can affect your credit. USAA, NO PROBLEM! I hear on the News today that these other banks are charging even MORE fees for using OUR money. Thank you, USAA for not charging all these fees. We all work hard for our money, and we need a bank that is decent to deal with, and has our best interests in mind. I also like this web site, and your mobile app is easy enough to work with. Every time I hear my friends or family complaining about their bank, I want to give y'all a big THANK YOU!


You deserve the best, so we strive to provide it! Thanks for choosing to be a part of the USAA family.