I am not sure if this can be traced... But the girl who set up my account with me today over the phone had THE BEST customer service skills I have ever encountered in my life. She went above and beyond to be friendly and patient. She told me about USAA's services without being pushy and even had a few laughs with me. This girl could have died waiting on me to figure out what was going on with my previous bank and ensured me that life with USAA would be better and after my experience with her I believe it!!!! If I had a direct connection to speak with her every time I need something I would be thrilled. USAA please track her down and give her a big pat on the back because she's one of your best employees and deserves to be rewarded!!


ChiefsDaughter, That sounds amazing! There is nothing that brings a smile to my face faster than hearing of such an awesome customer service experience. A big thanks to you for your membership and also for posting here in the community. We'll share your feedback with our partners in member services. Thanks!