So I have been a member for about 5 years now. I have never had a problem, although depositing checks has always been a nightmare. I have to find not only a UPS store, but one that supports USAA deposits. this is usually a several long hour process and also a good drive. The best part is I can't use the mobile app for depositing because i have bad credit and cant approve for a credit card, which is a huge joke. Why do I have to be approved for a credit card to use something that should be available for all your customers. So i have no other choice but to go to a ups store. I really didn't care about that though because i didn't have a lot of checks i needed cashed due to direct deposit. Well i recently was discharged from the military and started a new job. it was 2 weeks before i got my first paycheck, and when it arrived i went through the annoying task of depositing it at the ups store. Afterwords I went online to make sure it went through and to my suprise there was a god**mn 10 day hold on my funds. So basically you took my paycheck that I could have cashed at walmart for 3 dollars and had that day, and held on to it for 10 f**king days. I have already gone like 3 weeks without a paycheck and really needed that money for gas, food and everything else in between since i was flat broke. What i'm trying to say is if you are going to change your policy to add a 10 day wait period to deposited check let your people know! and i don't want to hear about some aggreement that was 40 pages i should have read, just let me know important s**t like if you're gonna take my paycheck and hold it for 10 days. If you want to lose every single one of your members keep doing what your doing USAA. If not I suggest you make some changes. I know I will be finding another bank.