They use to be great. Now they can"t get it together.

USAA does renewal policies, without ever talking to the customer and changes the coverage from the original (the last one), then charges $$ to the customer for  changing the policy back to the original policy. 


  In Aug 2013 my husband and I decided we could pay for our own car insurance seperately, like we do for everything else, so we asked for seperate accounts.  It appears that USAA is stuck in the1950s,, because I could not have a seperate account from my husband.  We are both retired military.  I am a married independent person with my own bank accounts and loans since 1990.. 


In addition, it took USAA 3 months to do the policy changes and charges, which made my payment fluctuate extremely.  One month $307,$123, next over $590, next 208, now $222.  I suspect the savings for us was cancelled by an increase in rate policy change.  Check out AARP, Same coverage 146mo with locked in 12 mo policy.  guess where I am going next month.


I called USAA to explain the 10 policy change charges, yesterday.  They could not give a complete explanation of the charges. Customers service person could not see why the charges  occured.  New customers beware, it is a shell game.


Switch to liberty mutual. Our insurance is more than $60 cheaper per month. We haven't looked back.

I've been a member for 24 years and the past year specifically, I've noticed a severe degredation of services.  Just getting an answer has become difficult.  I posted a question to the "contact us" page yesterday and got an answer that basically reiterated the problem I was having.  I'd like to say this is unique to me - but in my location, a "military town", for every "good news" story you see in the television advertisements can be matched with a story about dissatisfaction and the need to look elsewhere for services.   I'm about to move my mortage and went with a different life insurance provider.  Its a shame - I really liked USAA.